Club Etiquette

  1. Health & Fitness – line dancing is an aerobic activity, so if you have a medical condition please seek medical advice before taking part
  2. Safety – for your own and others’ safety we do not allow drinks or anyone who appears to be drunk onto the dancefloor
  3. Collisions – can sometimes happen, so please be careful and mindful of that – especially if it’s a fast dance and you go one way and your neighbour(s) the other!
  4. Positioning – We do encourage everyone to have a go at dances they don’t know, or are in the process of learning, and the safest and best place to do this is on the sides of the dancefloor – or in the middle of the dancefloor. That way you can see and practice all walls.
  5. Drink spillages – if you notice a spillage please speak to the bar staff and/or advise a member of the committee
  6. Dance teaching – as a courtesy to those learning and teaching, please try to keep any conversations while dances are being taught at a low level
  7. Respect – we are a friendly and welcoming club but please do respect our members, other regular dancers and their friends
  8. Social Media – please also remember to respect each other here too, including commenting on our club Facebook posts, when considering tagging people and when considering uploading photos and videos

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