What’s That Song/Dance

Seen us perform a dance and not been sure what either the dance or track is? Well, here are some of our most popular dances and the songs that we dance them to – along with clips on the links to demonstrate – where we could find good ones, including some with a teach:
Tush Push – ‘Let’s Get Happy’ (Lou), ‘How Do I Live’ (Leanne Rimes) or ‘Good Girls Love Bad Boys’ (Kimber Clayton)
Black Coffee – ‘Black Coffee’ (Lacy J Dalton), ‘Good Vibrations’ (The Beach Boys), ‘Jai Ho’ (Pussycat Dolls) or ‘Syncopated Rhythm’ (Scooch)
Marvin Gaye – ‘Until The Dawn’ (Charlie Puth)
T-Bone Shuffle – ‘Sunchyme’ (Dario G) or ‘Zorba’s Dance’ (LCD)
Stroll Along Cha Cha – ‘Light My Fire’ (Will Young), ‘Here Comes The Rain’ (Mavericks), ‘Dancing’ (Kylie) or ‘Something In Your Eyes’ (Steps)
Vancouver Boogie – ‘You Wanna Make Somethin’ Of It’ (Jo Dee Messina)
Close To You – ‘Close To You’ (Ryan Lafferty)
Pot Of Gold – ‘Dance Above The Rainbow’ (Ronan Hardiman)
Burnin’ – ‘Baby I’m Burnin’ (Dolly Parton) [sorry, no video but here are the steps]
California Freeze – ‘When You’re Gone’ (Bryan Adams ft. Mel C), ‘Rockin Robin’ (Lolly), ‘Tainted Love’ (Imelda May) or ‘Islands in the Stream’ (Dolly & Kenny’s Workout Mix)
Waltz Across Texas – ‘Til You Love Me’ (Riba Macintyre)
Calendar Girl – ‘Calendar Girl’ (Neil Sedaka)
Wave on Wave – ‘Wave On Wave’ (Pat Green)
CC Shuffle – ‘Bing Bang Boom’ (Highway 101)
Something In The Water – ‘Something In The Water’ (Brooke Fraser)
Alcazar – ‘Blame It On The Disco’ (Alcazar)
Speak To The Sky – ‘Speak To The Sky’ (Brendon Walmsley)
Shania’s Moments – ‘From This Moment’ (Shania Twain) or ‘Mamma Mia’ (ABBA / Cher)
Haba Haba – ‘Haba Haba’ (Stella Mwangi)
Dance Dance Dance – ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ (Justin Timberlake)
Lonely Drum – ‘Lonely Drum’ (Aaron Goodvin)
Walk  Alone – ‘I Walk Along’ (Cher)
Wild Wild West/Western Barn Dance – ‘Wild Wild West’ (Escape Club)
Gaslighter – ‘Gaslighter’ (The Chicks)
Mad 4 It – ‘Reach’ (S Club 7)
Jerusalema – ‘Jerusalema’ (Master KG)
Midnight Waltz – ‘Children’ (The Mavericks), ‘I’m with You’ (Avril Lavine) or ‘Strawberry Wine’ (Deana Carter)
No Matter What (Flying High) – ‘No Matter What’ (King Calaway)
What Happens Next – ‘Next Girl’ (Carly Pearce)
Wanted – ‘Wanted’ (The Dooleys)
Absolutely – ‘Absolutely Everybody’ (Vanessa Amorosi / Pepper)
All I Am – ‘All I Am Is You’ (Jess Glynne)
Before The Devil – ‘If You’re Going Through Hell’ (Rodney Atkins)
Champayne Promise – ‘Champagne Promise’ (David Nail)
Graffiti – ‘Never Comin’ Down’ (Keith Urban)
I Close My Eyes – ‘Ich Mach Meine Augen Zu’ (Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo)
Loveable Huggable – ‘Unbelievable’ (Nathan Carter)
Mamma Maria – ‘Mamma Maria’ (Ricchi & Poveri)
Nothing But You – ‘Nothing But You’ (Leaving Austin)
Quarter After One – ‘Need You Now’ (Lady Antebellum) Also see Quarter After One
Somebody Like You – ‘Somebody Like You’ (Keith Urban)
Willpower – ‘On My Own’ (Claire Richards)
World For Two – ‘World For Two’ (King Calaway)
7 Summers – ‘7 Summers’ (Morgan Wallen)
Camp It Up – ‘All Things [Just Keep Getting Better]’ (Widelife with Simone Denny) – sorry, no video but here’s the step sheet
Deep River Line Dance – ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ (Celine Dion) Also see Deep River
Electric Horseman – but we dance it to ‘What a Man Gotta Do’ (Jonas Brothers)
Feel The Way I Do – ‘My Lucky Day’ (DoReDos)
Glee Gloria – ‘Gloria’ (Glee Cast featuring Adam Lambert)
It’s Getting Better – ‘It’s Getting Better’ (Jane McDonald)
MD Honky Tonk – ‘How Do You Honky Tonk’ (Jake Worthington)
My Heart Stops Beating – ‘Heartbreak in the City’ (Steps)
Train Wreck – ‘Can’t Let Go’ (Jill King)
Into the Arena – ‘Now I Can Dance’ (Tina Arena)
Rasputin/Yes Sir, I Can Boogie – ‘Rasputin 2022 Remix’ (Majestic & Boney M) or ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie 2021 Remix’ (GBX featuring Baccara)
Cold Heart – ‘Cold Heart’ (Elton John & Dua Lipa – PNAU Remix)
Cowboy Strut – we dance it to ‘Wagon Wheel’ (Darius Rucker)
Paradise – ‘Paradise’ (George Ezra) or ‘Jump’ (Girls Aloud)
Whiskey Bridges – ‘Whiskey Under the Bridge’ (Brooks & Dunn)
Bright Side – ‘Bright Side of the Road’ (Van Morrison)
Make It – ‘Make It’ (Jake Reese)
Fun Machine – ‘Zouk Machine’ (Maldon)
Electric Slide – ‘Think’ (Aretha Franklin)
My New Life – ‘High Class Lady’ (The Lennerockers)
Cupid Shuffle – ‘Cupid Shuffle’ (Cupid)
Shivers 101 – ‘Shivers’ (Ed Sheeran)
Up in the Giddy Up – ‘Giddy Up’ (Shania Twain)
The Morning After – ‘The Morning After’ (Nathan Carter)
Keep the Dream Alive – ‘Don’t Make Me Look Into Your Eyes’ (Jubillee)
Sundown Swing – ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ (Johnny Reid)
Cowboy Charleston – ‘9 to 5’ (Dolly Parton)
Irresistible! – ‘Surrender’ (Laura Pausini)
Peace Train – ‘Peace Train – Holy Roller Mix’ (Dolly Parton) or Peace Train – YouTube
Story of my Life – ‘Story of my Life’ (Lesley Roy)
Texas Time AB – ‘Texas Time’ (Keith Urban)
J’ai Du Boogie – J’ai Du Boogie (Scooter Lee)
The Long Way Home – ‘The Long Way Home’ (John Derek Ryan)
Walkin’ the Line – ‘Walking the Line’ (Dave Sheriff) OR Walk the Line
Walking on Air – ‘Angel Eyes’ (Michael Learns to Rock)
Waves of Love – ‘Wherever Love Takes Us’ (Drake Jensen)
What Was I Thinking – ‘What Was I Thinking’ (Dierks Bentley) – sorry, no video but here’s the step sheet.
You Don’t Know What You Got – ‘You Don’t Know What You Got’ (Jane McDonald)
Canadian Stomp – ‘Any Man of Mine’ (Shania Twain)
Swamp Thang – ‘Swamp Thing’ (The Grid)
I Wrote a Song – ‘I Wrote a Song’ (Mae Muller)
And Then I Kissed Her – ‘Then I Kissed Her’ (Daniel O’Donnell)
Drinkaby – ‘Drinkaby’ (Cole Swindell)

Little Heartbreak – ‘Same Heartbreak, Different Day’ (Richard Marx)
The Wolf – ‘The Wolf’ (The Spencer Lee Band)
Gives Me Shivers – ‘Shivers’ (Ed Sheeran)
The Wanderer – ‘The Wanderer’ (Status Quo)
Back to You – ‘Tell Me Ma’ (The Shamrocks)
Texas Hold ‘Em – ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ (Beyonce)
Please Stay Forever – ‘Stay Forever’ (Hal Ketchum)

NB – please note that some of the video links to demonstrate the dances are to different tracks than those that Prairie Dogs dance to – and that some of the dance steps in some dances may differ from those that we do. There are lots of club/regional/national variations, and over the years the Prairie Dogs have made many dances our own!

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