Sunday 29th May – First Outdoor Dancing of 2022

What a great turnout we had for our first outdoor dance of the year! It was a pleasure to see everyone showing their support for our fellow LGBTQ community in Ukraine, in blues and yellows – having supported our fundraising effort earlier in the week!
Lots of dancing, lots of fun! Thanks to all who came – and thanks to Dave at The Rem Bar for hosting us.
In the end, our members and friends raised almost £150 which was forwarded to Insight LGBTQ, a Ukrainian charity helping the LGBTQ community with temporary housing, relocation to safer areas, psychological & legal support and food, hormone & medical supplies.
Insight LGBTQ

See you back there in a month for our second outdoor dance. Don’t forget to take a peek over the next week or two at our social pages for pics and vids you may not have seen.
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